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What our web applications achieve

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We build web applications that work in the way an organisation and their users need and expect.

We provide organisations with custom solutions, instead of an off the shelf product. This puts our client’s back in control of their systems and processes.

As part of managing change every step of the way, we get end users involved in the development process. By utilising a customers in-depth industry knowledge, we can create a truly innovative solution that gives an organisation a competitive edge.
A still from the Sweet Construct Pre Enrolment web application. The page shows the Worker Search. This is on a tablet and is being held by a construction worker on a construction site.
Our internal processes are reviewed regularly to ensure that the latest best practices are implemented to protect personal data. As part of this, Colonel Duck is Cyber Essentials certified.

Our service-led approach means that our customers are provided with a web application that works for their needs today and can evolve to meet their future requirements.

Our award-winning web applications help our customer’s digitise their operations to cut costs, centralise their data and simplify their processes.

A screenshot from the Bourne Ready Pre Enrolment web application on a laptop. The page shows the inbuilt reporting tool.
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Types of web applications that we can produce

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