The origin of the name Colonel Duck

When it comes to branding one of the most important elements is to have a memorable name. That is certainly achieved with Colonel Duck.

But Colonel Duck is more than just a name. We are often asked “Where did you get the name Colonel Duck?”. So as part of National Storytelling Week we’ve decided to share the origin story of our name, and what Colonel Duck truly means.

It started all the way back while our Director, James, was in school. A classmate of James’ made a mistake in a game based around alliteration, blurting out ‘Colonel Duck’. It was instantly memorable, and meant something to the people that mattered at the time.

Producing films whilst at school, James used the name as a working title. Colonel Duck meant a means to invest in his own passion for filmmaking and evolved to provide an opportunity for a group of friends to capture moments and communicate to large audiences. They released their ideas, and even raised money for charity by creating presentations, short films, and animations. They promoted their work with visual designs, artwork, posters and interactive content.

Upon leaving school, James knew that he could take Colonel Duck on to be something just as memorable and meaningful to a wider community as it had been to the school within which it was founded. The principles remained the same, but the idea evolved: it changed.

From starting out as a video production company in March 2012, Colonel Duck became a means of utilising all forms of media and creative disciples to work with people to communicate.

We believe that to create meaningful outcomes, your starting point has to mean something to you.

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