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2021 has been an eventful year!

We’re looking back and reflecting on everything we’ve achieved this year. Thank you to everyone who has worked with us this year. We’ve been fortunate

The origin of the name Colonel Duck

When it comes to branding one of the most important elements is to have a memorable name. That is certainly achieved with Colonel Duck. But

Mistakes Were Made…

Mistakes were made… but why should we get negative talking about them? Everyone, everywhere has difficulty dealing with mistakes. It is an entrenched psychology that

10 lessons in self-development

After almost 2 years designing at Colonel Duck, I’ve had time to grow into my job, and make it my own. There are nine of

Preparing for a shoot

When it comes to a filming day, the last thing you need is realising you have forgotten to put the memory card in the camera

Big Bang Blog

Being as passionate about science, technology, engineering and mathematics as I am, running workshops at Birmingham’s Big Bang Fair is not an unfamiliar environment for

Why you should use Hibernate

My name is Mike Gregory, I am known for my love of burgers, 80s hair styles and my constant harping on about simple code (K.I.S.S.

Construction needs more Builders

A brief introduction to the Builder Programming Pattern. Until recently, my favourite way to create a pizza was akin to the following. This is a

Time Management

Everyone struggles with time management. Even a seasoned professional with decades of scheduling under their belt will have their own battle with the matter. How

@include Welcome(); to mixins.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) is a common software development principle. If 10 places have the same functionality. Writing the same code 10 times would break

Understanding the CSS in a webpage

Google Chrome has a useful tool for inspecting CSS in webpages. Chrome comes with many useful tools that can be brought up by right clicking

A Stable Guide to Digital Tracking

Tracking elements to a plate Tracking elements to a plate can be useful in many ways; its main function is to synchronise the movement of

Top 5 Software Tools for Programmers

At Colonel Duck we are constantly evolving our processes. We constantly try new things and if something works, we jump on it. This includes software,

A poster graphic image of South By Southwest (SXSW) 2019 conference and festival in Austin, Texas, U.S.

What is South By, by the way?

A lot has changed since I last attended SXSW. In the space of two years, we have seen the unravelling of the tech-giants, à la

The fear of pressing the wrong button

Our office at Colonel Duck has more computers than people. We mainly use them for creating articles, websites, illustrations and films. With each of us

Masters of Organisation

Before the days of Romans building bridges and their farmers sowing crops, organisation has been a practice many have dabbled with, and few have mastered.

What are global variables?

Scope and visibility In the Java programming language, variables have Scope. The scope of a variable is the area of the code where the variable

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