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Our promotional content promotes businesses, products and events

We can use our full range of software and creative services to help products and services. A combination of video, animation and design is the most common form of promotional content. Websites can then also be used to host the promotional content, as well as reinforce messages and aims of the content.

Video is the best medium to capture someone’s personal message

Video production can be particularly effective at demonstrating why a product or service is valuable. Video can show an easily relatable scene and adds a personable touch, which helps audiences to connect with the promotional messages.

Animation can visualise scenarios that cannot be captured on video

Animation can be used to simplify a complex process and emphasise important points without any distractions. This is particularly useful for promoting specifications of products.

A cartoon man repairing a wind turbine. Used as part of a promotional content animation for a company called Catapult.

Design can simplify distributing promotional content to wide audiences

Design, in the form of posters or brochures, is easy to mass produce. They can be distributed over email, printed and displayed or hosted on an website or web application. Design can be used to promote a simple idea through a powerful visual concept.

Websites makes promotional content accessible

Building a bespoke website provides the best solution for hosting and reinforcing promotional content. We can use custom code to build and tailor an interactive website, which directs people to engage with your promotional content.

A person using an iphone on a Clarendon Palace's website. This is an example of how websites can be used as promotional content

Examples of our promotional content

We have previously produced effective promotional content by utilising all of our software and creative services at once. We have also achieved equally effective results by utilising just one service. These examples show both approaches.

Marshall Motor Group - Marketing Videos

We created two presenter-led, in-bound marketing videos to promote Marshall Motor Group by sharing knowledge on the benefits of their service, MoT and bodyshop.

Beiersdorf (NIVEA) - LOOK Magazine Internship

We worked with NIVEA to document and showcase the story of their competition winner, Nadia, over a series of videos spanning an internship at Look Magazine.

Unilever - The Winner’s Journey

We followed and filmed the journey of the winners of Unilever’s ‘Re.Hack’ hackathon event for 12 months, producing a series of six promotional videos for social media.

VirtualSpeech - Brand Video

Using a hybrid 2D animation and video, we captured the key benefits and features of VirtualSpeech’s VR presentation training application.

Mates in Mind - Brand Video and Brand Presentations

Working with Mates in Mind following their rebrand, we developed a 2D brand animation, which led to a redesign of their presentation templates.

Thomas Lister - Framework Flyer

We produced a digital, two-sided A4 flyer on property consultants Thomas Lister’s services for public sector agencies on the Homes England framework.

Image of two animated scenes with characters, one in a lab and the other in a warehouse. Made for Catapults Promotional Content.

HVM Catapult - Brand Animation

We created a brand animation for the HVM Catapult to explain to their clients who they are and how they help SMEs turn ideas into commercial realities.

Services utilised for creating promotional content

We can utilise all our software and creative service when creating promotional content. We most commonly use our video, animation, design and web application services.

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A circle used for styling a banner
A circle used for styling a banner

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