Pre Enrolment

Pre Enrolment - an award winning custom software web application

Colonel Duck was the first organisation to develop and deliver an online induction system. This was called ‘Pre Enrolment’ and it was built bespoke for the contractor, to their exacting requirements.

In 2013, we envisaged, developed, deployed and managed the very first web application that replaced the health and safety induction process on over 150 construction sites across the UK. This provided the first adopter of this custom software, a national principal contractor, with an operational cost saving of over £250,000 each year.

Over the next eight years, Pre Enrolment was extensively developed and adopted by new construction contractors. In 2019, Colonel Duck won ‘PropTech Business of the Year’ at the WM Tech Awards in recognition of Pre Enrolment.

The main reason for the success of Pre Enrolment is the holistic approach we took in developing it. This was made possible by virtue of being both a software and creative agency.

A custom software service to deliver an online induction system

On site inductions take at least one hour every day on all construction sites. The presentation format creates a challenge for site teams trying to get a group of different types of construction workers to engage with health and safety information that is relevant to them.

Pre Enrolment is more than just a health and safety online induction system.

Pre Enrolment sets itself apart by being a product that is delivered through a continual, flexible service-led approach. It has all the advantages of being both a product (proven to work and cost effective) and a service (bespoke and tailored custom software).

A worker using Pre Enrolment's skills card verification page on a construction site.

Each Pre Enrolment system creates a centralised database of construction workers’ information. It ensures the consistent delivery of induction information, and quality of data through standardising the input process and formats.

As Colonel Duck is a CSCS IT Partner, all systems are developed to automatically verify the credentials that construction workers upload (e.g. CSCS cards), to ensure their validity.

Colonel Duck is also Cyber Essentials certified, providing assurance that every Pre Enrolment system is compliant with the GDPR and that there are control measures in place to keep data secure.

Pre Enrolment systems evolve independently for each construction contractor

Pre Enrolment systems are web applications that are developed for each construction contractor. Our flexible service-led approach evolves each system independently as custom software.

This means that each system grows, evolves and adapts independently through the introduction of new features and functions that are of specific benefit to the contractor using them. With the support from the developer, other software products and systems can be intreated with Pre Enrolment. This can include biometric access control systems.

Pre Enrolment is offered as a tailored, bespoke service that can integrate disparate processes and software into a single centralised system.

Examples of our Pre Enrolment systems

Our Pre Enrolment systems have help construction contractors to not only revolutionise the health and safety induction, but digitise their operations to cut costs, centralise data and simplify their processes.

Bourne Group

We moved construction contractor Bourne Group away from an online induction product to a custom software service, digitising health and safety processes.

Sweet Construct

We fully integrated a bespoke online induction system with construction contractor Sweet Construct’s biometric access control system using custom software.

Robertson Construction

Construction contractor Robertson Group utilised our tailored approach to build a bespoke Pre Enrolment system to meet their needs, including KPI reporting.

Services utilised for Pre Enrolment

We utilise our services for producing development strategies and building web applications when working with construction contractors to develop custom software Pre Enrolment systems.

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