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Building an Inclusive Learning Platform for Fifth Trust

Fifth Trust, an organization dedicated to providing learning opportunities and support for individuals with diverse learning abilities, approached us to develop a comprehensive learning platform. They needed a user-friendly website that allowed content uploading, facilitated membership, and most importantly, catered to users with learning difficulties.

The core goal of this projects was to collaboratively design and implement a learning platform that accommodated learning difficulties, ensured ease of use, and fostered engagement among Fifth Trust’s students.



Needs Assessment

We engaged closely with Fifth Trust to understand their requirements and challenges. This process helped us create a roadmap for the project.

Design Phase

We started by creating wireframes that mapped out the user journey and interface. Collaboratively, we designed the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), incorporating feedback from Fifth Trust and involving the students in the decision-making process.

Accessibility Solutions

To cater to users with learning difficulties, we employed the following:

Imagery and Icons

We integrated visual aids to enhance comprehension, especially on action buttons.

Special Scrolling Buttons

Unique scrolling buttons were introduced to assist users in navigating content.


“Listen to Text” buttons were incorporated to enable audio playback of written content.

Button Size and Layout

Buttons were sized for easy interaction, and page layout was optimized for intuitive use.

Responsive Design

The platform was made accessible across all devices, ensuring a seamless experience.

Membership Functionality

We integrated a membership system that allowed Fifth Trust to manage user accounts, enabling students to engage with personalized content.



The collaboration between our team, Fifth Trust, and the students led to remarkable outcomes:

Enhanced Accessibility

The platform’s accessibility features improved engagement and interaction for users with learning difficulties.

User Engagement

Students’ involvement in the design process increased their sense of ownership and engagement with the platform.

Mobile App Adaptability

The platform’s adaptability as both a website and an app on tablets and phones extended its reach and usability.



Through a holistic approach that combined design expertise, collaborative engagement, and a focus on accessibility, we successfully created a learning platform that met Fifth Trust’s unique needs.

This case study underscores the significance of inclusive design and stakeholder involvement in crafting meaningful digital solutions for education and support services.

What our client said about the Learning Management Platform

In 2021 the Fifth Trust made the decision to create a video-based entertainment and personal development website specifically for the learning disabilities community.

The goal was to make the site as independent in use for individuals as we possibly could. After researching ideas with students at our day centres, we approached Colonel Duck with our ideas.

Everyone at Colonel Duck embraced the project. Fully understanding the brief and working tirelessly to find the solutions we required to achieve our goal. Their patience, diligence, attentiveness, and creative thinking is to be commended.

With flexibility, quick response times and regular updates their friendly staff ensured that our ideas came to fruition in good time. Providing us with, as far as we are aware, a unique website for our users.

Their continued support has meant we have been able to fine tune our site and ensure that we are aware of any changes which would positively impact on our user’s experience.

From the very start of the project our journey with colonel Duck was enjoyable and stress free.

I fully recommend Colonel Duck to anyone with a web-based project in mind.

- Ern Marden, Fifth Trust Connect Manager - The Fifth Trust

Services utilised for creating FT Connect

We utilise our design, websites, and web applications services when creating the Learning Management Platform for The Fifth Trust

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