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Our explainer content clarifies ideas and makes messages memorable

We can use our full range of software and creative services to help explain processes and ideas. We can provide video, animation and design services as part of a joined up approach to create clear, consistent and memorable explainer content. When creating a large library of explainer content, our web application service can provide a solution to keeping content organised, accessible and usable.

Video is the best medium to capture a personal message

Video can be particularly effective at explaining why a culture or an approach is important. Video can also be used to show an easily relatable scene or process, for example a step-by-step guide on how product is assembled.

Animation can visualise scenarios that cannot be captured on video

Animation can be used to visualise the internal workings of a machine, show how underground services are connected or re-create a one-off event (e.g. an accident reconstruction). Animation can be used to simplify complex processes and emphasise important points without any distractions.

Design makes explainer content memorable and widely distributable

Consistent design can bring cohesion to a project. The use of similar tones, themes and styles can act as visual prompts to audiences. Good design, in and of itself, can immediately remind audiences of an entire message or idea that they have seen before. In the form of posters or instructional guides, design is easy to mass produce.

Posters or guides can be distributed over email, printed and displayed or hosted on websites or web applications. Design can be used to explain a simple idea memorably, through a powerful visual concept, or throughly explain a sequence of complex processes.

Web applications can make a library of content accessible and useable

Building a bespoke web application provides the best solution to hosting different forms of explainer content. We can use custom code to build and tailor an organised library of content. In its simplest form, this structures the explainer content and makes it searchable and easier to find.

Web applications can also be developed to create dedicated training platforms. These can, for example, ask questions to test a user’s comprehension of the video they have just watched.

Examples of our explainer content

We have previously produced effective explainer content by combining all of our software and creative services. We have also achieved equally effective results by utilising just one service. Theses examples show both approaches.

Bouygues - safety alert

We used 3D animation to create a safety alert following a health and safety accident on a Bouygues UK site, visualising the narrative, cause and lessons learnt.

Willmott Dixon - Digital and Quality posters

We designed two explainer content posters for Willmott Dixon's Digital and Quality Delivery teams, each showing a roadmap for how change happens.

Willmott Dixon - Platform 2

Through our flexible approach as a software and creative agency, we were able to digitise quality checklists and improve defect detection on construction sites.

Services utilised for creating explainer content

We can utilise all our software and creative service when creating explainer content. We most commonly use our video, animation, design and web application services.

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