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Digital training videos up-skill people on FMCG digital marketing

As a creative agency, we work with FMCG organisations to produce training videos on digital marketing topics. These digital training videos are designed to up-skill people across an organisation on the work of the Digital Team.

Digital training videos are an effective method of communicating what people can do to support FMCG digital marketing and how they can get involved.

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Filming the FMCG digital marketing expert

Having worked with Beiersdorf, we have experience in creating digital training videos that are engaging and easy to understand. We opt for an approach of ‘filming the expert’. Each video we produce is based around a presentation by a member of the Digital Team.

Each Digital Team member presents a FMCG digital marketing topic on their specific area of expertise. These filmed presentations are then paired with 2D animation. This combination allows us to extract a natural, relaxed performance from each of the ‘experts’, whilst keeping the audience engaged with what was being said.

The 2D animation visualises key points in each digital training video, making the information both easier to understand and more memorable.

As a result, the digital training videos that we produce can provide an opportunity to not only up-skill people on FMCG digital marketing, but allow them to ‘get to know’ the Digital Team. The aim is to make everyone feel inspired and empowered to work with the Digital Team.

Producing digital training videos in a series

Producing a series of videos enables modular learning and allows for task-specific up-skilling. Creating a series of digital training videos can be the start of creating a library, making it easy to find a relevant resource on a particular FMCG digital marketing topic. It also ensures that people need not be overwhelmed with too much information in one sitting.

As part of producing a series of digital training videos, we hold scripting workshops. During these workshops, we work with the Digital Team to write content that is concise and clearly communicates key points. We work together to make informed decisions on the structure of each video on where animation would work best.

We then work with each member of the Digital Team who we intend to film, ensuring that they are comfortable and rehearsed with their presentation. This approach helps to ensure that digital training videos produced are effective at up-skilling the intended audience.

Creating digital training videos with a flexible approach

We provide a flexible approach by dedicating time to work with each expert from the Digital Team, to fit in with their schedule, as and when they are available. This allows us to understand the approach and processes for each specific FMCG digital marketing topic.

Having previously worked with Beiersdorf, we already have a strong understanding of some the key points that needed to be communicated for specific FMCG digital marketing topics. This allows us to act with a degree of autonomy during the editing process.

The Digital Team need not necessarily be relied on for guidance. Our FMCG digital marketing knowledge means that we can check the content and context of the digital training videos that we create. This means that the first videos and animations that we present back will require fewer, if any, changes.

All of this flexibility amounts to making the process of creating digital training videos easy and efficient for busy Digital Teams at FMCG organisations.

Examples of our digital training videos

We have worked both nationally and internationally to produce digital training videos to help organisations up-skill their people on FMCG digital marketing.

Illustrated graphic of people taken from Beiersdorf - Nivea's Digital Training Videos.

Beiersdorf UK – digital training videos

We produced a series of digital training videos and animation to up-skill Beiersdorf’s UK teams on the Digital Team’s approach to FMCG digital marketing.

Beiersdorf Europe – digital training videos

We produced a series of digital training videos and animation to up-skill Beiersdorf’s European teams on the Digital team’s approach to FMCG digital marketing.

Illustrated graphic of multiple social media logos taken from Beiersdorf - Nivea's Digital Training Videos.

Services utilised for producing digital training videos

We utilise our video production, animation and design services when working with FMCG organisations to create digital training videos.

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