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We produce campaign content and make awareness campaigns successful

Awareness campaigns provide continued reinforcement of a message over a period of time.

As a creative agency, we work with businesses and charity organisations to make their awareness campaigns successful. We do this by providing consistent campaign management and thought provoking creative campaign content.

Campaign content is a set of videos, animations and design that link back to an overall awareness campaign message.

Video, animation and design are the perfect formats for communicating awareness campaign messages. In the majority of awareness campaigns, the communication is to a new audience who may not have existing knowledge of a business culture or cause. It is therefore vital to capture the audience's attention, conveying the reason why the knowledge is important quickly and concisely.

Video, animation and design visualise the awareness campaign message, making it easy to understand and engage with.

We apply a flexible approach to understand the message

From our experience, we know that to produce successful content we need to dedicate time to understanding the target audience. Only by understanding the audience can we propose and create videos, animations and design that speaks to them and inspires action.

We also dedicate time to understanding each of our client's business or cause, including interacting with different key stakeholders. This understanding not only results in campaign content that communicates every aspect of an awareness campaign message, but allows us to act with a degree of autonomy. With this knowledge we can produce campaign content without relying on our client’s guidance, saving them time.

Awareness campaigns can run over a long period of time. It is therefore important that content can be iterated or updated should unexpected circumstances occur. This is why we provide a flexible approach when producing awareness campaign content.

We are flexible about how we work with our clients to adapt campaign content, delivering it where and when required. We base our approach and the work that we produce around both our client’s schedule and the timeframe for the Awareness Campaign.

Video thumbnail for the Awareness Campaign Content animation

Examples of our awareness campaign content

We have worked with both charities and organisations, working to achieve set aims and objectives and using metrics to measure the effectiveness of our actions. These are some examples of the national campaigns that we have either managed or produced awareness campaign content for.

A series of social media posts for an Awareness Campaign - Multiple Disadvantage Day, in association with the Fulfilling Lives Projects

Fulfilling Lives – Multiple Disadvantage awareness campaign

Through our flexible approach on the awareness campaigns for Fulfilling Lives we create videos, animations, design social media content and manage a website.

Willmott Dixon - All Safe awareness campaign

We ran Willmott Dixon’s health and safety culture awareness campaign, engaging construction workers using videos, animations and designed social media content.

"Know Safety No Pain" A Campaign Content Sticker on a safety helmet, whilst on a construction site.
Man walking through the woods, an image taken from Gary's Story - All Safe Minds awareness campaign.

Willmott Dixon - All Safe Minds awareness campaign

We produced a creative video, and provided a flexible approach, to share a story as part of Willmott Dixon’s ‘All Safe Minds’ mental health awareness campaign.

BVSC - awareness campaign content

Since 2015 we have worked with BVSC programmes Changing Futures Together, Birmingham Mind and Ageing Better to create compelling awareness campaign content.

One person standing in a warehouse, surrounded by professional lights, audio equipment, and cameras. This is part of Creative agency, Colonel Duck's Video Production in Birmingham with BVSC to capture real life stories.
Image showing 3 devices (Desktop, Tablet, Phone). Displaying the Friends of Clarendon Palace website, and how it functions responsively.

Friends of Clarendon Palace - website

We built a bespoke website and provided SEO services for the Friends of Clarendon Palace after they received a grant from the National Lottery Heritage fund.

World Quality Day

For construction contractor, we produced a creative video with animation about quality delivery for a World Quality Day awareness campaign.

Services utilised for producing awareness campaign content

We utilise our video production, animation, design and website services when working to produce Awareness Campaign Content. When we run Awareness Campaigns, we utilise our Campaign Strategies and Campaign Management services.

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