What our animation achieves

Animation can visualise the impossible. They are powerful tools to make processes and concepts easier to understand. We use three types of animation: 2D, 3D and augmented.

Our 2D animations keep things simple. They can be used to reinforce key messages and show how processes can be broken down.

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3D Animation Showreel Video
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The 3D animations that we create can demonstrate any scenario from perspectives that would be hard to recreate in real-life. Our in-house team are proficient in using a suite of software, including Autodesk Maya. This means that we can offer full integration with AutoCAD models for precise and accurate 3D animations.

Augmented animation takes filmed footage to the next level. Adding animated 2D and 3D elements directly into a ‘real’ environment can make a sequence come to life and reinforce messages in a relatable context.

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Types of animation that we can provide

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