4D construction animations

4D construction animations visualise processes to win bids and tenders

‘4D construction animations’, or ‘build process animations’, are used by contractors to help them win bids and tenders. They combine 3D models with the added ‘4th dimension’ of time, showing each stage of how a building or project will be constructed.

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4D construction animations are used to dynamically visualise complex build processes that would otherwise be difficult to explain. This makes what contractors are proposing, clearer and more accessible to clients who may find it difficult to fully comprehend detailed technical drawings.

The quality of the 4D construction animations that Colonel Duck produce, as a creative agency, also helps engage the client and make them genuinely excited about the scheme being proposed. Our dynamic 4D construction animations set contractors apart and give them a proposition that stands out from the completion, helping them win bids and tenders.

In addition, 4D construction animations are a useful tool for project management reviews, once a contract is underway. Being able to clearly visualise the build process improves communication. 4D construction animations make it easier to ensure that everyone is talking about, and understanding, the same concept.

Our creative agency approach to 4D construction animations

The process of creating a 4D construction animation, with Colonel Duck, allows contractors to visualise complex build process themselves. This has been demonstrated to help contractors, and their supply chain, to iterate their approach and consequently propose a better way of assembling or approaching the project. This in turn can help prove to a client that a contractor has a clear, logical plan and has thoroughly thought through their proposed approach. This can help a constructor win bids and tenders.

Examples of our 4D construction animations

We have worked with construction contractor mac-group on seven projects since 2019 to help them win bids and tenders, and establish themselves in the UK.

mac-group - 4D construction animations

Working with mac-group to win bids and tenders, we create 4D construction animations to dynamically visualise complex build processes, phase by phase over time.

Services utilised for creating 4D construction animations

We utilise our animation service when creating 4D construction animations.

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