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An award winning software and creative agency based in Birmingham

We create videos, animations and design. We devise and run campaigns. We build websites and applications.
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software and creative services

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In all of our award winning software and creative services, we start by developing a full understanding of the project that we will be working on.

We will take the time to understand the process that we are changing, the people we are trying to communicate with or the set targets that we are aiming to achieve.

We believe that this is fundamental to providing an effective service. We can work to a brief and follow instruction if a client knows exactly what they need. Our approach of developing a full understanding means that we are equally able to work collaboratively to devise the best solution.

we create and deliver captivating content that audiences engage with.

we build and evolve robust platforms that people want to use.

we design and manage effective campaigns that exceed set targets

A flexible agency to develop software and deliver creative projects

Our award winning software and creative services are all based around our approach of co-production and flexibility. We have designed our services so that they are simply defined and made to be modular. This means that our clients can more easily assemble their own solutions by combining our services. Keeping how we define our services simple also provides our clients with clarity when we work collaboratively to combine different services to produce the best solutions.

Colonel Duck working with a client to determine the best Software and Creative services
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Two people in Colonel Duck's Birmingham office having a meeting to discuss creative and software services for a project.
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We believe in creating value differently with our productions, systems and campaigns. We do this by keeping our services simple and our approach flexible. This simplified approach helps to ensure that our clients’ projects are not only delivered efficiently but are effective at achieving their set goals and targets.

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software and creative products

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Our award winning software and creative products have been shaped by listening to and learning from our clients.

We have developed particular expertise working with construction contractors, charities and FMCG organisations.

Our products are created in Birmingham, developed from our experience of working with national organisations.

We provide a flexible approach with FMCG organisations like Beiersdorf, to produce digital training videos & animation to up-skill teams on digital marketing.

We take a flexible approach to design campaign content as a creative agency. We produce videos, animations, design and websites for awareness campaigns.

An award winning bespoke online induction system and custom software web application, delivered to construction contractors through our service-led approach.

4D construction animations, or build process animations, visualise complex build processes using dynamic animation to win bids and tenders.

We apply our software and creative services to produce videos and animations explaining processes and events. We build software to make content easier to find.

Video, animation and design are all used to promote businesses, products and events. We work collaboratively with clients to realise visions and achieve goals.

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